Learn All About HondaLink and What it Can Do for You

Drivers love all the tech systems that come in new Honda models, and the HondaLink feature comes standard in many of the cars, trucks, and SUVs in our new inventory. Many of our customers ask about this Honda technology, and you can check out the brand's HondaLink overview or continue reading for highlights of this feature and how it improves your driving experiences.

What is HondaLink?

The HondaLink feature is a smartphone app that lets you remotely access all sorts of systems and features in your Honda model. HondaLink technologies can also handle tasks such as scheduling a service appointment with a Honda dealership, roadside assistance, and Amazon Alexa connections. This straightforward feature improves your ownership experience in ways you wouldn't think possible, so enroll in HondaLink at John Eagle Honda of Houston!

HondaLink Packages and Tech Features

There are several different levels of HondaLink, so you can choose the ones that have the features you want. You'll control each of these packages and systems through a free smartphone app, and there are several complimentary packages and features with any Honda model compatible with HondaLink.


The Basic package comes free of charge and provides all sorts of information about your Honda model through your smartphone. You can check out digital guides to your Honda model, access roadside assistance for towing and more, check recalls, and schedule a service appointment with our Honda dealership.


The Link package is also complimentary, and it can provide reminders and let you check in on important details before you start your next trip. You can access the dashboard info to know how much fuel you have left. Drivers can also easily send your location to the vehicle's navigation system to save a step as you're starting your trip. This page also provides notifications about warning lights and maintenance reminders.


Drivers that choose to subscribe to the HondaLink Security package will enjoy more peace of mind and convenience. This package has an Automatic Collision Notification system that will have a live agent reach out and check on you in the event of a crash. It also adds enhanced roadside assistance and an emergency call feature that again has a live agent call you and stay on the line until you're safe.


The HondaLink Remote package provides more control through your smartphone and other smart devices. You can remotely lock or unlock the doors, start your vehicle, or locate your vehicle if it has been stolen or you just forgot where you parked. You can control these functions through the app or your Amazon Alexa in certain Honda models.

Which Honda Models Are Compatible with HondaLink?

The HondaLink feature is standard in many Honda models from the 2018 model year and on. You can check your vehicle's compatibility online or reach out to our dealership to have our team help you with that. Honda models from 2018 and on that are compatible with HondaLink include:

Set Up HondaLink at John Eagle Honda of Houston

Contact our dealership if you're interested in one of the HondaLink subscriptions or just want help connecting to the Basic or Link package. Our skilled team has helped many Honda owners set up this tech package in their model, and we can tell you more about the features and how to us them.

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