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Learn more about Dashboard Warning Lights and their Meanings at John Eagle Honda of Houston

Were you ever curious about the lights popping up on the dashboard of your Honda? At John Eagle Honda of Houston we wanted to bring to light the curiosity behind those lights and how you can identify them on the go! Sometimes these lights can show malfunctions within your vehicles engine, but sometimes, they are simple reminders about your parking break or that it's time to schedule an oil change for your vehicle.

Should one of the lights be alarming to you on the drive, whether you are in the greater Spring, The Woodlands, or Cypress areas, we are a short phone call away to alleviate your worries. We are proud to offer education to our customers, and offer them assistance when needed! The Honda Dashboard Warning lights below can be found in nearly all Honda Vehicles, and enlighten you on the features to keep you safe on the road.

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Commonly Found Dashboard Warning Lights in Honda Vehicles

Braking System Failure Light in Honda Vehicles

Braking System Failure

There may be a possible failure in your braking system. If this symbol comes up while driving, we encourage you to pull off the road, park your vehicle, and call for roadside assistance to assist getting you to John Eagle Honda of Houston for repair.

Brake System Light in Honda Vehicles

Brake System/Parking Brake

The parking brake is on in your vehicle, remember to turn it off before driving.

Low Oil Pressure Light in Honda Vehicles

Low Oil Pressure

Check the oil in your vehicle. Low oil pressure in your vehicle can mean that your engine is not recieving the lubrication required to function. This can often lead to issues within the internal engine. At John Eagle Honda of Houston, we recommend scheduling your next Oil Change & Filter with us as soon as possible as to avoid damage to the engine.

Battery Light in Honda Vehicles

Battery/Charging System

This light will often trigger due to issues with your battery. In cases with no electrical power, your vehicle can shut off and leave you stranded in some situations. Call us at John Eagle Honda of Houston to get your battery checked or replaced if needed.

Supplemental Restraint System in Honda Vehicles

Supplemental Restraint System

In the case that this light appears on your dash, please take care. There may be a problem with the airbags which means they may not deploy when in a crash situation. Please avoid driving if possible, and schedule service for repair.

Smart Entry System in Honda Vehicles

Smart Entry System

Your Honda may have an issue with the Smart Entry System or Push Button Start.

Check Engine Light in Honda Vehicles

Check Engine Light

Should this light appear in your Honda, there may be an engine malfunction. Bring into John Eagle Honda of Houston for service.

Anti-Lock Brake System in Honda Vehicles

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

If there is an issue with your Anti-Lock Brake System in your Honda, the warning light comes on in tandem with the brake warning light.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System in Honda Vehicles

Tire Pressure Monitor System

Tire Pressure is low in your vehicles tires when this light appears, this may mean you have a flat tire or you need to put air in your tires.

High Temperature in Honda Vehicles

High Temperature

Your vehicle is overheating.

Low Temperature in Honda Vehicles

Low Temperature

Your vehicle is too cold.

Daytime Running Lights in Honda Vehicles

Daytime Running Lights

Your Honda vehicles Daytime Running Lights are on.

Vehicle Stability Assist System in Honda Vehicles

Vehicle Stability Assist System

Vehicle Stability Assist System or VSA in short is on to assist you drive, or there is a malfunction within that system.

Electric Power Steering in Honda Vehicles

Electric Power Steering

There is a malfunction with the EPS (Electric Power Steering) System in your Honda Vehicle.

Seat Belt Reminder in Honda Vehicles

Seat Belt Reminder

When you're not wearing your seatbelt, this reminder will appear on your dashboard. Remember to drive safely, and buckle-up!

Door Open in Honda Vehicles

Door Open

This light will pop-up when a door is open or ajar on your vehicle. Always check your doors before driving as to ensure they don't open while driving.

Trunk Open in Honda Vehicles

Trunk Open

This light will pop-up when your trunk is open or ajar on your vehicle.

Low Fuel in Honda Vehicles

Low Fuel

Your Honda Vehicle is low on fuel, and you should locate a gas station soon.

Washer Fluid Level in Honda Vehicles

Washer Fluid Level

Your vehicle needs more washer fluid.

System Message in Honda Vehicles

System Message

This icon often appears on your dashboard in your Honda when there is a message on your multi-media information display.

Maintenance Minder in Honda Vehicles

Maintenance Minder

When it's time to service your Honda, this icon will populate on your dash. This is often reminders for Oil Change Services, and more! If so, contact us at John Eagle Honda of Houston for your Vehicle Service!

Immobilizer in Honda Vehicles


Your Honda Vehicle does not recognize your vehicle key or remote fob, this often means you won't be able to start your car. Should you have a Remote Fob, check with us at John Eagle Honda of Houston for possible fob replacement.

VSA Off in Honda Vehicles


This is often a reminder that your VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) is off in your Honda Vehicle.

Cruise Main On in Honda Vehicles

Cruise Main On

Cruise Main is on in your vehicle.

Cruise Control On in Honda Vehicles

Cruise Control On

The Cruise Control is on in your vehicle.

Turn Signals in Honda Vehicles

Turn Signals

Whether you are turning right or left, these signals indicate which way your turn signal is turned on for.

Fog Lights On in Honda Vehicles

Fog Lights On

Your fog lights are turned on in your Honda Vehicle

High Beams On in Honda Vehicles

High Beams On

Your High Beams are on.

Exterior Lights On in Honda Vehicles

Exterior Lights On

An indication that your Exterior Lights are on.

Lane Keeping Assist System in Honda Vehicles

Lane Keeping Assist On

The Land Keeping Assist is on.

Collision Migitation Braking System in Honda Vehicles

Collision Mitigation Braking System

The Collision Migiation Braking System is on in your Honda

Collision Migitation Braking System in Honda Vehicles

Collision Mitigation Braking System

The Collision Migiation Braking System is on in your Honda

Road Depaarture Mitigation in Honda Vehicles

Road Departure Mitigation

Road Departure Mitigation is on in your Honda

Blind Spot Warning in Honda Vehicles

Blind Spot Warning

There is a vehicle in your blind spot.

All-Wheel Drive in Honda Vehicles

All-Wheel Drive

Your Vehicle is in All-Wheel Drive

Auto Idle Stop in Honda Vehicles

Auto Idle Stop

The Auto Idle Stop is on.

Adaptive Cruise Control in Honda Vehicles

Addaptive Cruise Control

Your Honda is currently using Adaptive Cruise Control

Auto High Beam System in Honda Vehicles

Auto High Beam System

The high beam lights in your Honda are being automatically controlled.

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